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Many people arrested and charged with a crime don’t know what their next step should be. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney can greatly assist with your defense. A criminal defense attorney’s duty is to represent those charged with crimes in court. Crimes can range in severity from a misdemeanor to a felony. Punishment can range from a minor fine or community service to years in prison or even the death penalty.

A competent criminal defense lawyer ensures that none of the evidence against you was illegally obtained or has violated your constitutional rights. A positive sign of a good criminal defense attorney is when he’s willing to take your call off working hours because he understands your concerns, empathizes with your lament, and knows that not all issues arise during work hours.

A good criminal defense counsel will take your case to trial to preserve your freedom and rights in the legal system. He won’t accept a plea deal only because it’s the simple solution; rather, he’ll passionately and effectively advocate for you with the prosecutor, judge, and other parties involved in your case.

A criminal defense attorney specializes in defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity. Some criminal defense lawyers are privately retained, while others, known as Public Defenders, are employed by jurisdictions with criminal courts to represent offending persons. Each jurisdiction may have different practices with varying levels of input from state and federal law or consent decrees. Some jurisdictions use a rotating system of appointments, with judges who assign a private practice attorney or firm for each case.

An individual can be charged with many different crimes. Regardless of the offense, a good criminal defense lawyer will ensure you receive a fair outcome. Some of the charges that criminal defense attorneys deal with are drug possession/distribution, parole violation, and DUI.