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In Fort Lauderdale, battery crimes are taken seriously by law enforcement. However, if you have been charged, know that you have rights in mounting a battery charge defense. Whether you have been arrested on charges of battery or have been wrongfully imprisoned for this crime, discover here how you can fight for your freedom.

What is a battery charge?

Under Florida law, battery charges apply when a citizen initiates physical contact with a victim. For authorities seeking to prove battery charges, the prosecutor bears the burden of illustrating that the accused acted intentionally in striking or touching the alleged victim. The said physical contact must have occurred against the will of the victim and done without consent.

Moreover, Florida law classifies various forms of battery. For example, simple battery charges only require an “intentional, unwanted physical contact between the defendant and the victim.” Understand that if the defendant has been convicted of battery charges in the past, Florida law allows the prosecutor to charge an alleged perpetrator with felony battery for a subsequent incident. Of course, to prove aggravated battery, the prosecutor must show that the perpetrator intended to inflict severe bodily harm to the victim, or that the individual employed the usage of a deadly weapon.

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Mark S. Lowry offers years of experience in defending battery cases. His firm is available to consult with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Lowry and his firm have garnered a remarkable record in winning acquittals for defendants in the Fort Lauderdale community. You can rest assured that the firm leverages a network of professionals and contacts within the legal system to give you an edge in making your case.

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