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Fort Lauderdale Civil Litigation Attorney

Florida law provides legal remedies for those who have been wronged by the civil actions of individuals, businesses or governmental entities. Typically the remedy is in the form of monetary compensation, or in special cases a court order requiring or prohibiting one of the parties from taking a certain action. The process of setting a civil dispute is called civil litigation, which often involves a lawsuit; often, however, a civil dispute can be settled before a lawsuit is necessary.

Civil Standard of Proof

Civil cases differ from criminal cases in a few important ways. Civil cases are individual versus individual, corporation versus corporation or an individual versus a corporation. As opposed to criminal law, the state of Florida is not always a party in the case even though governmental entities are sometimes parties in civil matters. The standard of proof is different as well. To win a civil case in Florida, the party bringing the case, known as the plaintiff, only needs to prove their case by a “preponderance of the evidence.” As described in Florida Standard Jury Instruction 401.21, this means that the greater weight of the evidence must support the plaintiff’s case. This is easier to meet than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard required in criminal law.

Civil Cases

Civil law covers a wide array of legal issues, and Fort Lauderdale civil litigation attorney, Mark S. Lowry can assist you with most of them. Types of cases Attorney Lowry handles include:

Civil Litigation ProcessThe civil procedures that must be followed in civil litigation are very different from those in criminal cases. A lawsuit officially begins when the plaintiff files a complaint with the court and serves the defendant with it. The complaint is a formal statement of the alleged legal wrongs. The unofficial start may precede the filing of a lawsuit when the parties engage in settlement discussions. Civil lawsuits can be very expensive for the plaintiff and the defendant and it’s often in both parties best interests to try to resolve the dispute as early as possible. Mark S. Lowry, a trained civil litigator in the Fort Lauderdale area, is experienced at conducting pre-lawsuit negotiations to help his clients save money.

Mr. Lowry focuses his Fort Lauderdale civil practice on personal injury matters, insurance bad faith disputes as well as helping victims of sexual assault recover monetary damages from their attackers as well as other related entities who may bear responsibility for the assault.

Sexual Assault