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As drug crimes defense attorneys in Florida, we at Lowry Legal have defended countless clients facing criminal charges in Florida. We have years of legal experience handling these difficult drug cases. We put our clients first always and treat each case as it’s the only one that we are working on. We believe in offering a personalized defense legal service, which is proven by our successful track record. When you or a loved one in or around Broward County Florida are facing drug crime charges, it’s time to contact our drug crime defense legal team today.

Understanding Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a serious crime in Florida and the nation. This is considered a felony in the State of Florida. This is the crime of selling, transporting and/or illegally importing unlawful controlled substances. This crime is punished with years in prison, hefty fines, and other stipulations. If you’re facing serious drug trafficking charges in Broward County, it’s imperative that you hire an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer from Lowry Legal to represent you.

Have You Been Arrested for Drug Possession in Florida?

If you or a loved one have been arrested for drug possession in Florida, the legal team at Lowry Legal can help you. We have years of experience defending cases like this in and out of courtrooms. We offer free legal consultations to learn more about your criminal case and to answer your questions about the process ahead. To learn more about your drug crimes defense and to schedule this consultation, call our law office at 954-908-6222. We serve clients in Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County.