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Residents of Fort Lauderdale, Florida who are seeking the help of a criminal defense lawyer for their drug possession charge(s) can have hope if they believe they have been wrongly accused. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will be aware of various defenses that have been successfully used in different cases, which could be utilized in your case to strengthen your defense or prove your innocence.

Regardless if you are facing a small possessions charge or if it is a more serious intent to distribute charge, there may be a possible defense in your drug charge case.

Drug Possession Look-Alikes

You have probably seen a scenario on TV or in a movie where an officer tests a seized drug in a small vial to confirm if it is the suspected drug for which the accused was arrested. Conducting this test is not always standard procedure. In certain situations where the drug has not been put through testing, and the potential accuser believes he or she was not actually in possession of any illegal substances, he or she can request the substance in question be sent in for analysis to prove the substance is not, in fact, illegal, along with proving his or her innocence.

If the drug has been tested on-site by an officer and has tested positive as an illegal substance, there is very little chance that this defense can be used at all.

Missing Evidence in a Fort Lauderdale Drug Possession Case

The defense of missing evidence is most likely unknown to the layman and is typically only used by a seasoned attorney. The accused can request the presentation of the substance in question. Before the substance seized in a drug charge case actually arrives in an evidence locker, it is usually transported to multiple different locations before being secured.

It should never be taken for granted that the drug is in possession during your time of trial. Admittedly, the success rate of this defense is rather low considering it is completely reliant on the authorities ignoring their duty, but it is always a wise decision to follow up in case it might lead to your freedom.