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Over the past few years, burglaries have increased at a steady rate in Florida. To counter this rise in crime, the legal system in the state has come up with stringent laws and strict penalties. When you are charged with burglary, you need the guidance of an experienced burglary attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to protect your rights. Burglary is the term used to denote a property crime dealing with illegal entry into a dwelling or vehicle to commit a crime.

Burglary Laws in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and How a Burglary Attorney Can Help

Burglary, whether it involves entry into a property or vehicle, is a felony, according to Florida laws. Thus, a burglary attempt attracts penalties. The penalty depends on the crime, the damage, and any bodily harm caused during the burglary. When you seek legal assistance from an experienced burglary lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the lawyer will fight for you against the charges, such as:

  • Third-degree burglary charges which can carry an approximate 5-year prison term
  • Second-degree burglary charges which involve hefty fines and over 15 years prison term
  • First-degree burglary charges which can attract a prison term of 30 years

Why You Need a Highly-Rated Burglary Attorney by Your Side

Burglary charges differ from robbery and theft. All three are different crimes and carry their own set of rules. Each of the crimes is treated differently by the legal system. A burglary conviction requires a prosecutor to display strong evidence about the wrongful entry and the intent of crime once entry is gained. If you have entered a property illegally but without the intent to commit a crime, it does not fall under burglary. With an experienced and professional burglary attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you can prove it is not a burglary attempt.

Protect Yourself from False Burglary Charges

When you are faced with burglary charges, you should understand that you have plenty of legal options. An experienced burglary attorney can represent you properly. You can avoid unjust prison time with the help of an attorney who has experience handling burglary cases in Fort Lauderdale. By understanding the nuances involved in burglary charges, a burglary attorney can put together a strong defense. With the right legal strategy, you can hope for the best outcome that is possible for your situation. Mark S. Lowry, Esq. is an experienced burglary lawyer successfully representing clients in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.