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If you have been tried and convicted of a crime and you believe the verdict was an unjust one, you have the option to appeal the case in an appellate court.  In some cases, it is possible to reverse the decision of the court or jury and obtain another result that seems fairer.  However, to do this, you need the help of an experienced appeals attorney like Mark S. Lowry of the Lowry Legal law firm of Florida.  The legal staff at Lowry Legal understand the appeals process and will evaluate your case to determine whether it’s likely that the court’s decision can be reversed.

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All too often, when you hire an appeals attorney, some of the work involved in the appeals process, such as the legal briefs that argue for or against the court’s initial verdict, is done by paraprofessionals, students, or inexperienced staff.  If you hire Lowry Legal to handle your appeal, this is not the case.  An experienced, professional attorney will speak with you to get the facts surrounding your court decision and will write the briefs to make your case before the Appellate Court.  You can rely upon the skill and experience of our firm to accurately document the facts of your case and to present the best possible argument for your appeal.

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If you are seeking an appeal of a case in which you believe an unfair verdict has been delivered, don’t give up.  Instead, call to schedule a free consultation with an appeals attorney in Florida today.  The Lowry Legal law firm serves clients in Fort Lauderdale and Brower County in Florida. We offer you appeals representation that is truly professional.  We also offer payment plans for your convenience.  Call us at 954-908-6222 and allow our expert staff to be the best possible advocate in your case appeal.