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Traffic stops are part of an officer’s duties to ensure you follow the law. Traffic stops ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road. But sometimes, an officer may stop you without any valid reason. If you are in such a situation, are you prepared to deal with it?

Know About an Illegal Stop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

An illegal stop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida happens when police stop you without any valid or legal reason. For instance, it is illegal for a police officer to check whether you have drugs in your possession without prior proof. Unless you commit a traffic or vehicle infraction listed in the uniform code for a traffic violation, a highway patrol officer cannot stop you.

Getting the Help of a Highly-Rated Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

The Fourth Amendment clearly states that it is illegal for law enforcement to conduct unreasonable seizures, searches, or stops. Illegal stops are common instances of fourth amendment violation. The Exclusionary Rule is designed to protect your fourth amendment rights. As per the rule, the court will not use any evidence obtained during an illegal stop that incriminates. Using such evidence in court would be a violation of your rights. So, if a traffic stop is illegal, any evidence obtained as a result cannot be used against you.

An Experienced Fort Lauderdale, Florida Defense Attorney to Your Rescue

Have you been pulled over by traffic police without any valid reason? Are you a victim of an illegal stop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? If yes, you should contact an experienced defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale to assist in your case. Highly-rated legal assistance can guide you on the right approach to the repercussions of an illegal stop. An attorney can help you to navigate the charges effectively. Since you and the traffic officer have certain rights and every circumstance is unique, you need highly-rated counsel on your side. A reputed attorney can identify the exact details that can help you at court.

Mark S. Lowry, Esq. is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully represented clients in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.