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Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer | Once You’re Stopped For DUI

If you’ve been stopped for DUI, its recommended you take out your driver license, registration, and insurance information immediately and hold it in your hand. Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney Mark Lowry is a former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, having litigated hundreds of DUI cases throughout his career. We will sit down with you for a free consultation and discuss your rights and possible outcomes to help you understand the entire process.

Once the officer arrives at the your window, he will always ask for these 3 items, and will note if you stumble in finding these documents, using this fact as evidence of being under the influence. If these documents are already out and ready for the officer, not only will this keep the officer from later testifying you were fumbling with these documents, but as well can be argued by the defense that you had the sense to know what the officer would ask for and thus was not under the influence. Be in mind most officers these days have microphones attached to their collars that are turned on before they approach the vehicle, so every word that is spoken by both you and the officer is recorded and possibly used against you later.

After receiving these documents, the officer may either return to his vehicle to run a records check for warrants and whether the documents are valid, or will remain at the vehicle to ask further questions. Typically if the officer believes you are under the influence because of observations the officer makes, like smell of alcohol or burnt marijuana, the officer will remain there and ask follow-up questions, like “have you had anything to drink tonight”, or “where are you coming from”. If you say you’ve had anything to drink, smoke, or ingest that may place you under the influence, the officer will move forward in his investigation and use the answers against you later. WE DO NOT AND CANNOT RECOMMEND LYING TO OFFICERS, yet the answers to officer’s questions are strictly voluntary, and only go to help the case against you. It is recommended to be as polite and non-confrontational as possible due to everything being recorded and/or written down, but remember that everything you tell the officer will be used against you later if it tends to prove the driver was under the influence.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Fort Lauderdale or throughout south Florida, call or contact DUI attorney Mark Lowry to understand the criminal process, ask questions, and learn how to move forward. We offer affordable payment plans and 24 hour service 7 days a week.