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Client M.G.

Client M.G. was charged with aggravated DUI with a blood alcohol level (BAL) above .20. At trial Mr. Lowry successfully showed the jury that the breath sample was taken over an hour after the Client’s arrest. As the DUI statute states it is illegal to have a BAL above .08 at the time of driving, the state had not met their burden, prompting the jury to return a not guilty verdict in 8 minutes.

Client C.G.

Client C.G. was on probation for Grand Theft in the 1st Degree and violated, facing 30 years Florida state prison. Mr. Lowry successfully argued to the Court that by incarcerating his Client for this violation, the Court would be victimizing his young children whom depended on the Client’s income. The Client was placed back on probation with new conditions.

Client O.B.

Client O.B. was being investigated by federal prosecutors for Conspiracy to commit Mortgage Fraud, and was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury against her potential co-defendants. Mr. Lowry successfully persuaded prosecutors to cancel her GJ testimony due to her, through the advice of Mr. Lowry, taking the 5th Amendment and refusing to answer questions that may incriminate her.