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Over the years, the importance of hiring an effective murder attorney has become exceptionally important, especially in a nation where lawsuits are increasingly being used as a basis for amending longstanding statutes. In addition, with the increase in overlapping laws, it is important for people to understand the strengths of different attorneys prior to any legal engagements. Furthermore, good attorneys are not only knowledgeable about their specific fields of practice but also aware of how the entire judicial system works and where to get further advice or resources to assist a client.

Experience vs. Education

The age-long debate regarding whether you should put a higher value on education or experience when choosing an attorney has no clear answer. There are many arguments on this matter, but when selecting a murder attorney, none can be superior to the other. According to an ethics report by the American Bar Association (ABA), all attorneys are supposed to represent their clients competently. Furthermore, the Florida Rule also outlines four core competencies that all murder attorneys should possess prior to representing any client:

  • Legal knowledge
  • Appropriate skills
  • Diligence/thoroughness
  • Proper preparation.

Handpicking a Murder Attorney in Fort Lauderdale: What to Look for

It is evident from the above characteristics that skills are equally as important as knowledge in practicing law. However, there are other factors that can be used to determine the reliability of a murder attorney including, but not limited to, the number of lawsuits that the attorney has successfully initiated and won in a court of law, the number of clients the attorney has served, and positive reviews from the his/her clients. However, one of the main attractions of legal representation in a murder case is whether an attorney is ingenious enough to use the smallest of details to form a solid case. Similarly, the attorney must be able to use the law defensively while bending it just enough to prove the innocence of his/her client. While a sizable number of attorneys are well-versed in the protocols of the justice system, not all are innovative enough to guarantee their clients a sentence less than a death sentence or life-long imprisonment. As a result, you ought to dig a little deeper to know if the firm has a highly-rated defense attorney.

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