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Fort Lauderdale Sexual Assault Victims Attorney

If you have been the victim of sexual assault or abuse you may have a claim against the person who did this horrible act to you, and if applicable, against the business you were in at the time of the offense as well. No person has the right to violate your personal space, and the Fort Lauderdale criminal defense law firm of Lowry Legal, LLC is prepared to fight for you to help regain your sense of self, and get you the justice you deserve.

Often times sexual assaults occur in someone’s home, a closed environment without witnesses. Despite this, the person who did this to you is not above the law, and we will fight to hold this person responsible. If the offense occurred in a business, like a bar or stadium, then we will work to hold the business and their insurance company liable, forcing them to change their security practices so that this never happens again.

Fort Lauderdale sexual assault attorney Mark S. Lowry is a former prosecutor, and having litigated multiple sex cases, he is compassionate to sex abuse victims and demands justice every time. Mr. Lowry will help get the State Attorney’s office all the information needed to successfully prosecute the offender, which in turn will help your civil case. Call the law office of Lowry Legal, LLC today to learn about your rights and how we can best help you receive the justice, and peace, that your life deserves.