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While a sizeable number of criminal cases tend to gravitate towards major crimes such as homicides, it is hard to overlook the impact of crimes related to domestic violence. A significant amount of effort should be put towards mitigating domestic violence crimes that barely get publicity from local media, including mainstream and social media platforms.

The resulting legislation landscape from addressing domestic violence cases not only resolves contested legislative acts but also ensures approval of comprehensive laws that protect ordinary American citizen, in addition to polishing the skills of local federal criminal lawyers.

Domestic Violence Legislation in Florida

The legislation on domestic violence in Florida can be found in Florida Statutes Section 741.28-741.31 and 784.046. These statutes define domestic violence as acts of aggression directed towards a family or a household member. In general, such violence is normally directed towards a spouse, children, and blood relatives.

It is important to note is that the law in Florida classifies an act of domestic violence either as a first or second-degree misdemeanor or a third-degree felony. If an incident of domestic violence results in an assault and battery charge, the offender faces anywhere between 6 days and 15 years prison sentence based on the nature of the incident. Likewise, violating any restraining orders may also carry the same penalties associated with domestic violence.

The Role of Federal Criminal Lawyers in Domestic Violence

Every day, major and minor law firms in Florida are in a constant scramble to mediate a vast number of domestic violence crimes – and in the case of consultancy, to validate their competence in the field. Most of the federal criminal lawyers are in one way or another tasked with ensuring that victims of domestic violence receive due justice and protection from the law.

A good attorney should be acquainted with up to date information on domestic violence cases and be able to advise his/her client appropriately. Similarly, since a considerable number of domestic violence cases involve parties that are closely related, it is imperative for an attorney to gather detailed information from both parties prior to initiating legal action in a court of law.

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