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Appellate law is a specialty form of law that involves the appeal of cases that have already been tried and for which a verdict or decision has already been reached by a judge or jury.  An attorney who works in appellate court reviews the case in question and all related records and documents and then looks for errors in the application of the law or unreasonable aspects of the verdict.  The appellate attorney then presents a written argument, known as a brief, that is presented to the Appellate Court judge. They will then decide whether the decision can be reversed.  If you wish to appeal a case and you believe the decision was an unfair one, you need to hire an expert appellate court attorney like one from the Lowry Legal law firm of Florida.

Both Civil and Criminal Cases

Both civil and criminal cases can be appealed, and this can be done at either the state or federal level.  However, the request for an appeal must be made quickly.  In Florida, the Notice of Appeal must be filed within 30 days of the final judgment or order of the court.  This appeal is filed with the clerk of the trial court.  Since this time limit can’t be extended, getting the notice in on time is crucial.  From that point on, the help of an expert appellate court law firm like Lowry Legal of Florida will take things in the right direction and give you the best chance of winning your case appeal.

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If you’ve been tried in a case and a decision was made by the court that you believe to be unjust, call to schedule a free consultation with an appellate court attorney in Florida today.  The experienced appellate court attorneys at the Lowry Legal law firm of Florida offer you the best in appellate legal representation.  We serve the areas of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, Florida and are dedicated to getting you the best second chance at a fair verdict that you can find.  Call us at 954-908-6222 and let us represent you.