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An appeal bond, also referred to as a supersedeas bond, is a sum of money that is held while a case appeal is being decided in Appellate Court.  It’s a sort of insurance that the defendant who is appealing the case will submit to the final decision that is made by the Appellate Court, win or lose. If this involves paying a sum of money, the appeal bond is designed to cover this sum.  Appeal bonds can amount to a lot of money, even over and above the initial judgment, so if you have been convicted in a case whose verdict you believe to be unjust and you want to appeal, you need legal representation that is experienced and skilled.  You’ll find that at the Lowry Legal law firm of Florida.

An Appeals Attorney in Florida Can Help

Being convicted in a civil case can result in the defendant having to pay large sums of money to the plaintiff as part of the case settlement.  However, this doesn’t mean that the final conviction was necessarily a fair one.  An appeals attorney will investigate your case to determine whether legal procedures were correctly followed and whether the verdict or final judgment was a reasonable one.  The legal professionals at the Lowry Legal law firm of Florida will evaluate your case and tell you whether it’s likely that your case judgment can be reversed.  We’ll offer you legal advice that’s honest and reliable.

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If you’re appealing a case in which you were convicted and need an appeal bond to proceed, call to schedule a free consultation with an appeals attorney in Florida today.  Don’t wait, because the proceedings for an appeal must be carried out in a timely fashion.  The Lowry Legal law firm of Florida serves the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County areas and are eager to serve as your legal advocates in your case appeal.  Call us at 954-908-6222 and let us be the legal resource you need.