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The state of Florida considers driving under the influence a serious criminal charge. An average of 32,000 DUI arrests is reported annually, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. If you have been arrested for drunk driving and charged with a DUI, you need to consult a DUI attorney in Fort Lauderdale. An experienced attorney can help you reduce the penalties or get your charges dropped.

Challenging the Evidence in a DUI Case

An officer who suspects that you are driving under the influence may choose to administer different tests to prove his/her suspicion. The standard tests include a blood test and the use of a breathalyzer.

In Florida, the law that defines the offense and describes the various penalties is found under F.S.316.193. For you to be charged with a DUI, you need to be in actual physical control of or driving the vehicle. Also, your blood-alcohol level needs to be at 0.08 or higher. If your regular functioning is also impaired because of drugs or alcohol, you may be charged with a DUI.

However, these DUI tests are not always accurate; you may have been arrested on inconclusive evidence based on unreliable tests. Some of the reasons why these tests are inaccurate include:

  • Contaminated blood sample
  • The results were affected due to a medical condition
  • Improper administration of a blood or breath test
  • Defective or faulty test equipment
  • Improper calibration of a breathalyzer device

The DMV and the Florida Court System take DUI charges seriously. Therefore it is essential to work with an experienced attorney who has handled multiple cases and has been in several preliminary hearings. An attorney who has fought for clients with felony and misdemeanor charges can help reduce your charges or get them dismissed.

Saving Your Driver’s License after a DUI Charge with a DUI Attorney

Your driver’s license will be subject to automatic suspension once you are arrested for DUI. The Department of Motor Vehicles gives you only 10 days to request a hearing. Failure to schedule a hearing could lead to a suspension of your license.

It is recommended that you contact a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney immediately if you have been arrested for driving under the influence. A qualified attorney will analyze different strategies to come up with a strong defense to have the charges reduced or the case dismissed.